We welcome creative children of all ages who are interested in learning drawing and painting. Our classes are planned according to Interests and Abilities. Everyone gets personal attention and instruction, as our classes are limited to 6-9 students.

Students are welcome to bring a drink or a small snack. For our youngest students we allow parents to stay and quietly observe from the hallway for one or two classes, to ensure that students and parents are comfortable with our program. We offer classes all year round.

Fall, Winter and Spring Children’s Classes

Since drawing is a foundation of most art we do encourage students to start mastering in depth shading, proportions and composition in pencil. Later, more advanced students will transition to color work in different media.

Throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring, our small class size allows us to alternate drawing and painting in accordance with your child’s interest. Fall and Spring classes are 2 hours.

Please CLICK HERE for a detailed description of classes.

Summer Camp and Schedule

Longer camp hours produce a faster learning curve, since children are immersed in a creative atmosphere for few hours at a time, every day. During the Summer Classes we usually introduce different media and textures, including some sculpting and three-dimensional projects. We are constantly tailoring our classes per student’s interests. It is important to keep learning fun and engaging.

Master Art Studio is offering summer camp/classes on a weekly basis. Please check our Schedule tab to see what summer weeks we are offering in Camp program.

Due to a small class size, we will be able to accommodate students only on a first-come basis.

Classes will continue in the afternoon and evening, Monday through Friday. Classes will include both: Fine art and Graphic Design. Please contact us by email or call us for more information.

Portfolio Development Class

Some children that are serious about art would like to attend either a gifted art program at your school, a high school art program or an art college. In order to have an advantage during the application process, students must have a strong portfolio that meets and exceeds the school requirements.

A portfolio is a collection of your best work that demonstrates your ability and potential as an artist. It must contain a required amount of your best work, so you need to have an ample amount to choose from.

All schools have different requirements, so it is important to find out exactly what these requirements are along with deadlines. Please provide us with this information at the start of this class, so we can we can help with this process in the most efficient way.

Since portfolio preparation is a big task and must contain several pieces of your best work we recommend you start as soon as possible.

Time line suggestions to start developing your portfolio:
• High school portfolio – The beginning of 7th grade
• College level portfolio – The beginning of your H.S. sophomore year

Our instructors will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses during consultation and will come up with an individual plan that will allow you to reach your goals.

Art Classes for Home Schooled Children

We are ready to create a special plan for your group. Please give us a call to discuss a customized art program plan.

Private Lessons

We offer one-on-one instruction for those who are interested in dedicating our instructor’s time completely to your specific needs.

Please CLICK HERE for a detailed description of classes.