At Master Art Studio we support and nurture creativity. In each class we teach, “talk” and “breathe” art. We see every student as an individual developing talent.


Follow Velazquez (Philip IV)
Follow Velazquez (Philip IV)

Our goal is to support and help you develop your own style through time-tested lesson plans ranging from simple to more complex, depending on your level. Each student will work at their own pace within a group environment achieving his/her own milestone in creative learning.

Our classes are informal but always very educational. While teaching art techniques, we casually converse about art history and other creative topics, such as music or theater. We know that inspiration can come from anything around us.

We offer analysis of art from several centuries of great masters, which include current artists. Topics discussed in each class will cover shape, light, composition and overall style in reference to your individual work.

One of our goals is to develop the student’s talent and skills. It is very important for a student’s development to have ownership of their work, in order to track their individual growth.



Below is the description of fine art classes categorized by subject.



Drawing lessons are designed to teach students many aspects of drawing, from shape, technique to overall composition.

Lessons are designed to teach:
— proper composition arrangement of your artwork on the page
— monochromatic tonal values
— laws of lights, shadow and perspective
— texture of drawn objects
— human anatomy. Knowledge of bone and muscle is essential when drawing a human figure.

The basic learning curve includes progression from simple objects to a human figure. Students will work mainly with graphite (pencil) in the beginning and then expand into full color painting.

Note: Materials are provided for the first 4 weeks. A list of additional required materials will be provided.


Watercolor by Sasha

To start, you will learn the step-by-step techniques of painting in different media: watercolor, pastels, oil and acrylic. We break down the fundamentals of painting into manageable blocks.

Lessons are designed in progression from simple to complex and will cover:
— values (light/dark), color theory and composition
— mixing and applying paint
— how to obtain certain effects of light, space and texture by using different size brushes
— creating a variety of images from both life and imagination more advanced students

Note: Materials are not included. A materials list will be provided.